Vergne upset by Red Bull rejection, but calls decision “logical”

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Jean-Éric Vergne has admitted that he was left feeling upset by Red Bull’s decision not to hire him as a replacement for Mark Webber next season, but he believes that it was sensible for them to shortlist teammate Daniel Ricciardo as their option from Toro Rosso due to his greater experience in F1.

Following Webber’s announcement at Silverstone that he would be leaving F1 at the end of the season, Vergne was shortlisted along with Ricciardo and Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen for the seat. However, Christian Horner confirmed a few weeks ago that Vergne was no longer in the running, leaving the Frenchman slightly despondent.

“I was a little upset that it was him and not me, which is a normal reaction,” Vergne explained to French publication Auto Plus. “But then the leaders of Red Bull explained things clearly to me.

“Daniel has more experience in F1 than me, so it’s part of the logical process. I had a long discussion with the management of Red Bull Racing and everything is now very clear between us. I do not need to read the news to find out what they think of me.”

Ricciardo and Vergne both joined Toro Rosso at the beginning of 2012, but the Australian driver had completed eleven races for the now-defunct HRT F1 Team in 2011, giving him greater experience.

Vergne’s reaction to the rejection is understandable, but he has been assured of his place at Toro Rosso for next season. Despite this security, Vergne will question just how much further he can go in the Red Bull programme if there is no future for him with the defending world champions.

Pirelli reveals new super-hard, hyper-soft F1 tires in Abu Dhabi

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Pirelli has confirmed it will add two new tires to its range for the 2018 Formula 1 season, launching the ‘super-hard’ and ‘hyper-soft’ compounds in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

Pirelli currently makes three of its five dry compounds available to teams for each race weekend, and despite varying selections across the course of the season has struggled to offer much in terms of strategy options, with one-stop races being the norm.

The hope is that the addition of two new tire compounds and a re-alignment of their durability will offer teams more choices in races.

Pirelli confirmed plans to introduce a new softest tire below the current ultra-soft earlier this month, inviting fans to pick a name.

The pink-colored compound will be known as the ‘hyper-soft’ from next year, with the arrival of a new ‘super-hard’ (colored ‘ice blue’) also being confirmed at a launch event in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

“Compared to this year, when the tires grew by 25% to fit a brand-new generation of cars, the changes for next year are less far-reaching,” Pirelli head of car racing Mario Isola said.

“However, we’re pleased to present some important innovations with softer and faster compounds across the range: including the new hypersoft.

“We realized that, under the unique circumstances of this year, some of our 2017 compounds were perhaps conservative: the tires we have created for 2018 addresses this, in line with the objective of having around two pit stops at most races.

“However, the fundamental design concept of the tires hasn’t changed next year, preserving the attributes that all drivers have appreciated this year and allowing them to push hard from the start to the finish of each stint.

“The new range consists of faster tires that should lead to even harder and more spectacular racing in 2018.”

Besides the seven dry compounds made available, there will be the two rain tires – wet and intermediate – taking it to a total of nine for the 2018 season.