Brembo brake facts: IndyCar at Baltimore

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Two fast straights leading into tight corners highlight the Grand Prix of Baltimore street circuit and braking challenges for the IZOD IndyCar Series this weekend. As at Sonoma, Brembo brake facts have been supplied again for this weekend to illustrate the speed differential from the end of straights heading into corners.

Once cars launch from the chicane onto the rest of the front straight, the IndyCars will reach an estimated top speed of 162 mph before decelerating to roughly 45 mph in 482 feet in 3.9 seconds, at an estimated G loading of 3.28 Gs.

Launching from Turn 1, through the Turn 2 kink, the second tough braking point is heading into Turn 3. Top speeds reach 150 mph but the cars have to slow to 33 mph for the right-hand, 180-degree hairpin, one of the tightest corners on the 2013 calendar all year. Braking distance there is 430 feet in 4.08 seconds.

A mix of medium and low speed corners make up the rest of the 13-turn, 2.04-mile circuit that’s fairly hard on brakes, but particularly at Turns 1 and 3.

Leclerc: No. 16 was third-choice for Formula 1 career

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2018 Formula 1 rookie Charles Leclerc has revealed No. 16 was his third-choice number to use through his grand prix career, with his preferred options having already been taken.

From 2014, drivers were given the chance to pick a number to use through their F1 careers instead of being assigned one depending on their team’s championship position.

Formula 2 champion and Ferrari junior Leclerc was announced in an Alfa Romeo Sauber race seat for 2018 earlier this month, picking No. 16 as his permanent number.

However, the Monegasque racer revealed last week that it was in fact his third choice, with both No. 7 and No. 10 already being taken by Kimi Raikkonen and Pierre Gasly respectively.

“It’s quite simple to be honest: I wanted number 7 first, but Kimi had it,” Leclerc said, as quoted by

“Then I chose 10, but Pierre came to F1 and chose number 10, so then I chose number 16.

“It’s just my date of birth and I could not find anything better. And 1 + 6 = 7, which is my favorite number.”

Leclerc will become the first driver hailing from Monaco to race in F1 since Olivier Beretta, who made nine grand prix starts in 1994 for Larrousse.