Kvapil “embarrassed” put pressing ahead in Charlotte

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Travis Kvapil expressed disappointment in his first public comments Thursday night following his arrest for alleged assault earlier this week. The driver of the No. 93 BK Racing Toyota spoke with the media after his qualifying run at Charlotte Motor Speedway; he qualified 41st for Saturday night’s Bank of America 500.

NASCAR and his team had issued statements after it was announced Kvapil would still race this weekend.

“Obviously there was a domestic situation Tuesday night with my wife, and regret that that happened,” Kvapil said. “Because it is a family, personal matter, we ask for respect and privacy in this situation, and we’ll try to work it out together as a family. Obviously embarrassed about the situation. Don’t like the negative effects that is has brought on, so I apologize to NASCAR, my team, the owners of my team, my fans, and anyone else who was impacted by what happened Tuesday night.”

Kvapil added it was an “eye-opening experience,” and said his first concern was with his children in the incident. Only once that was resolved would he turn his attention to being in team’s car this weekend.

“I’ve had lot of conversations with my owner Ron Devine,” he said. “He’s been a huge supporter of mine, last year and a half with this brand new race team. He asked if I can get the job done, I said yes. I step into this garage, focused on doing the best job we can.”

Hinch boldly “goes” where many drivers have gone before

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One of the most common questions racing drivers face is “What happens if you have to use the bathroom when you’re driving?”

And the most common answer is “You just go.” While admittedly a little disgusting, it is nonetheless a problem that occasionally surfaces, and an innumerable amount of drivers have done so in their careers.

However, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports’ James Hinchcliffe apparently had never found himself in such a predicament in his career. That is, until Sunday in the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama.

While under the first red flag for rain, Hinchcliffe started to receive “nature’s call.” Unable to get out of the car to use a restroom – drivers had not been permitted to get out of their cars – Hinchcliffe was forced to wait and hold it.

But when the cars briefly took to the track again prior to a second red flag, it became too much to handle, and Hinch was forced to “relieve himself” while circulating under caution.

“I always maintained that I knew at some point in my career it would happen,” he quipped to NBCSN’s Kevin Lee.”

He added, “I was sitting there under that first red (flag), just begging to get three minutes. That’s all you need, (steering wheel off to wheel on). And when we got going again, my legs were shaking, I had to go so bad. I’m like ‘I can’t drive a race car like this.’ So under caution, it took me a full lap, it was one of the least comfortable experiences of my entire life, but I can officially say I’ve joined the likes of Will Power, Dario Franchitti, and other greats that have peed themselves in their suit.”

Social media reaction added to the moment’s hilarity, with SPM and teammate Robert Wickens weighing in.

Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s Graham Rahal also chimed in, coming to Hinchcliffe’s defense.

Hinchcliffe, fully refreshed, will restart the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama in fifth when racing resumes on Monday.