Sutil feeling confident about Hungary and his F1 future

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Adrian Sutil feels confident that Sauber is making some good progress up the grid this season following a successful German Grand Prix at Hockenheim last weekend.

The German driver retired from the race after a spin, but was wholly pleased with the weekend and the pace that he had underneath him. Although the season hasn’t gone to plan so far, he is feeling optimistic for the future.

“It would be nice to have some more success and some better results, but the situation is like that,” Sutil explained to the media on Thursday. “Formula 1 goes up and down sometimes, you have to get up again, that’s what we’re trying. It’s quite encouraging to have the last race at Hockenheim, we were much closer and finally we could fight against better teams.

“If you look at it optimistically, there was a chance for a point. Of course, a few cars didn’t finish, but we were just able to race. We raced with Raikkonen in the Ferrari, with Toro Rosso, with Force India. It was much better, and the whole weekend in general, we were much closer to the top ten. I expect a better final half of the season.”

Sutil was rumored to be on his way out of Sauber for the race at Hockenheim, giving reserve driver Giedo van der Garde a chance to step up. However, he is not bothered about the speculation and made light of it in Hungary.

“I think for half of my career they said ‘Adrian is out’ – I’m still here, 120th grand prix, any more questions?” he joked. “I’ll be here for much longer, so sorry, but you’ll have to live with my face!

“We are good here, and the team is holding together in this time. This is no problem.

“We will try to get out of this difficult situation, I am sure, then you can also write some good stuff about us.”

Fernando Alonso likes NASCAR country, but he’s not leaving F1 any time soon

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) Jimmie Johnson strolled into the Charlotte Convention Center and did a double-take when he saw Fernando Alonso hanging out in a hallway.

“What’s he doing here?” NASCAR’s seven-time champion wondered.

Alonso made the trip to North Carolina to make an appearance at NASCAR’s annual preseason media tour. No, a ride in NASCAR is not imminent, but the two-time Formula One champion is about to embark on his first major sports car race .

Alonso will race this weekend in the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona for United Autosports, the sports car team owned by his McLaren F1 boss, Zak Brown. It was Brown who paved the way for Alonso to compete in last year’s Indianapolis 500, and he is helping the Spaniard knock prestigious races off his wish list.

Alonso spent about 10 minutes chatting with Johnson, and the duo was eventually joined by sports car aces Scott Pruett and Joey Hand, who were brought to the NASCAR event by IMSA to help promote the Rolex, and then Cup champion Kevin Harvick.

The meet-and-greet with Alonso was a thrill for Johnson. Alonso was equally impressed.

“The first time I heard his name it was probably 2003 on the NASCAR video game,” Alonso said Tuesday. “I used to choose him, not knowing him, just because of the car. I remember playing with another friend of mine, he likes a chocolate company I will not name now, and he was choosing that car and I was choosing Jimmie’s car.

“But that was the first time I heard of him, and obviously the success that he has in the years in motor racing, he became a legend of our sport, and massive respect.”

Johnson said he’s always been a fan of Alonso’s and spent some time telling Alonso how well he ran in the Indianapolis 500 last May. Alonso led 27 laps and seemed to be in contention for the win until his engine expired 21 laps from the finish.

“He handled himself so well, really did a great job, and I think brought a lot to the table,” Johnson said. “He brought worldwide attention to motorsports and it was really good for us here stateside.”

While in NASCAR country, Alonso was asked about potentially trying a stock car someday. It’s not something that could happen soon, he said, but it is something he’d like to at least attempt.

“Right now, it looks quite far. The driving technique and the experience all those guys have, it’s difficult for me to achieve that level,” Alonso said. “I will never know until I try, so I would like one day to test a car and after that, driving the car, I will know how enjoyable it will be in racing.

“Outside (watching), the races are great because they are all in a group, it is not predictable at all and until the last lap, you don’t know what is going to happen. We love watching from the outside, but I don’t know from the inside.”

Alonso has so far only had three days of testing at Daytona in the sports car to adjust to a closed cockpit, as well as driving at night and in traffic. Trying different series has been a thrill for him, and he’s still eyeing a way to get Le Mans on his schedule.

“It’s one thing that I would like to do, I would like to compete in the best races in the world, and Le Mans and is one of the top races,” he said. “If that day will be this year or not is still to be discussed, but maybe yes.”

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