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Todt: Manufacturers would leave F1 if V10 engines returned


FIA president Jean Todt believes there would be an exodus of manufacturers from Formula 1 if the series returned to the more powerful V10 engines used in the past.

F1 has raced with V6 turbo power units since 2014, with the sound they produce being a serious point of contention for many in the paddock including former CEO Bernie Ecclestone.

V10s were last used in 2005, with 2004 producing the majority of existing lap records in F1 due to the combination of tire rules, refueling allowance and the powerful engines.

While many have called for F1 to ditch its more fuel-friendly and economical engine formula in favor of a return to V10s, Todt has ruled this out, saying it would result in a number of manufacturers leaving.

“It will not be accepted by society,” Todt said in the FIA’s Auto publication.

“Again, we have a responsibility to run an organization monitored by global society. And global society will not accept that.

“Indeed, I’m sure if you said: ‘Let’s go back to engines from 10 years ago’, many manufacturers would not support such a move.

“I’m convinced a minimum of three out of four would leave.”

The decision to ditch V8s in favor of V6 turbo power units in 2014 came in the wake of manufacturer pressure, with Mercedes and Renault both pushing for a more road-relevant and economical solution to F1 power supply.

Hamilton, Red Bull teammates both go to NASA before USGP

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One of the more intriguing United States Grand Prix adventures occurred on Wednesday, as both Lewis Hamilton and the pair of Red Bull Racing teammates, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, all went to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston – in separate sessions – before heading onto Austin.

Hamilton posted on his Instagram story on Wednesday that he’d “quit his day job in a second” to work at NASA and become an astronaut, and the unbridled enthusiasm spoke to the three-time Formula 1 World Champion’s love of different life aspects entirely outside of racing.

“(I) had an incredible day yesterday, having a bit of a comedown today,” Hamilton said today at the FIA Press Conference. “I was just buzzed all day yesterday because it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do. It’s always something I’ve been fascinated about, space and space travel particularly.

“So to actually go there… and I had a million questions. I’m sure the guy got fed up with me. I asked a lot of questions and I got to see a lot of great things, some of the new technology they are working on and yeah, I want to go back.”

The Mercedes AMG Petronas team posted a gallery of Hamilton’s adventure on its website, linked here, and a few samples are below.

As for the Red Bull pair, the young duo of Ricciardo and Verstappen were equally awestruck by the experience.

“There really are a lot of similarities between this and F1, just the technology alone,” Ricciardo said. “I had a guest come to a race last year, when they got into the garage they were like: ‘this is like a space station’. We went to mission control here and it’s really like what we have in the Ops Room in Milton Keynes. Even the safety technology is similar. The astronauts go through the same measurements, a similar kind of HANS device etc. It’s really cool.”

Verstappen added, “There are quite a lot of comparisons, if you really want to talk about it we could go on for an hour! The control center looks pretty similar to ours. We share a lot of the same technology. It was really interesting for us to see that and I bet it would be the same if they could see ours.”

Here’s a link to Red Bull’s gallery and some teaser shots below.