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Pirelli’s ultrasoft tires turn pink for USGP this weekend

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With October being breast cancer prevention month, the Circuit of The Americas in partnership with Formula 1’s new owners Liberty Media have turned this weekend’s United States Grand Prix pink in several areas.

Tire partner Pirelli is making its own contribution as well, with its usually purple banded ultrasoft compound tires turning pink this weekend in a one-off.

“Pirelli is completely behind this key initiative, using its tyres to get the impactful message across. It’s a symbol of solidarity and commitment, as well as a powerful reminder of the importance of the cause. So, this weekend, make sure you think pink,” Pirelli said in its pre-race release.

The Pirelli tire selections by teams for the weekend are linked here.

Dakar Rally video highlights from the concluding Stage 14

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EDITOR’S NOTE: NBCSN will air additional Dakar Rally highlights on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. ET and Monday at 7 p.m. ET.

The 40th Dakar Rally is now history.

Nearly 550 competitors began the early 5,600-mile long race 15 days ago and concluded Saturday.

As we’ve done throughout the Rally, here are some key video highlights from NBCSN’s coverage of the Rally: