Miles seeks blended IndyCar management structure

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Two separate reports have indicated new Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles wants to blend the organizational structure of IndyCar and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway into a more cohesive, unified unit.

Writing for, Marshall Pruett spoke with Miles and rumored IndyCar CEO candidate Zak Brown. Miles is aiming to unify the two factions into a singular unit tentatively referred to as “Hulman Racing.”

“Step one is combining the IMS commercial stuff together with the IndyCar commercial stuff. I don’t have an exact name for it but I think of it as ‘Hulman Racing,’” Miles told Pruett. “There’s no reason in my mind to have, or not a good enough reason, to have separate staffs for marketing and sales and licensing and communications, when for the most part we’re dealing with the same end customers.”

Along the same lines, Miles is also hinting at looking at a competition CEO much the same way as a commercial CEO, for someone to handle the IndyCar paddock’s interests.

A projected timeline on hires is later this month, and by the green flag of the Indianapolis 500 on May 26 at the latest, according to a report in the Indiana Business Journal.

That report indicates Miles is looking at a series-wide revenue-sharing plan, which is different from the Leaders Circle funding distributed equally to 22 of the 25 series entrants for the season. That funding is at least $1 million for the year, provided the entrant qualifies for the Indianapolis 500.

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