FIA China Thursday Press Conference


Mark Webber (Red Bull Racing) will take the headlines for obvious reasons in the wake of the team’s “Multi 21” controversy at Malaysia, but the Australian was not alone in the official FIA Press Conference on the Thursday of the Chinese Grand Prix.

Both Nicos (Rosberg, Mercedes and Hulkenberg, Sauber), Lotus’ Romain Grosjean, McLaren’s Sergio Perez and Force India’s Adrian Sutil also joined the driver lineup for the press conference.

Rosberg, who’s been quiet about his and Mercedes’ repeat chances, remained realistic rather than overly optimistic given the new Pirelli tire compounds this weekend.

“Things evolve so quickly – the different tires we have this year bring us into a whole new situation,” he said. “So you can’t really compare, you need to take it as it comes and adapt to what you have this weekend. And so, that will be crucial, working through Friday and Saturday morning to try to optimize everything in order to have a great weekend.”

Rosberg also addressed Mercedes’ own team orders plan in Malaysia, which saw the German finish behind Lewis Hamilton.

“At the end of the race, I didn’t have that thought (to overtake),” he said. “I had decided well before to fully respect the instructions that Ross (Brawn) had given me.

“The difficulty was that we hadn’t really discussed them beforehand, y’know?” he explained. “And so that was the mistake that we did. So, important going forward is that everything is discussed and then whichever way it goes, if I’m in front and Lewis is behind then he will respect it and vice versa. Then it’s OK. As long as one is prepared for it and it’s discussed well and understood, that’s the important thing and that’s the main mistake we did as a team.”