Massa: We tried everything we could


Felipe Massa has revealed that Ferrari tried everything they could in order to repair his car for qualifying, but he is not looking forward to starting last on the grid for tomorrow’s Monaco Grand Prix.

Massa suffered a huge crash in final practice on Saturday morning, causing a great deal of damage to his Ferrari F138 and giving his team a race against time if he was to partake in qualifying. When Q1 got underway, the mechanics were still working on his car, and it wasn’t until the very end of the session that Massa took off his helmet and resigned to his fate.

“It’s the worst place to have this kind of problem,” Massa told Adam Cooper. “I saw that the car was pretty damaged, the suspension and everything around the car was pretty damaged, so I knew it wouldn’t be easy to go out.

“We tried everything we could. Starting last here is not easy.”

Fernando Alonso suffered a similar incident at the 2010 Monaco Grand Prix, but he managed to rise to P6 come the checkered flag thanks to a safety car. Massa will be happy to even race tomorrow as the shunt was a big one, leaving him with a sore shoulder and neck.

“I’m fine, just some stiff muscles here [shoulder] and around the neck. When I braked I touched a bump and both wheels went a bit up. When I braked I locked both front wheels. When you lock the front wheels the car doesn’t move, so I hit the guardrail on the left.”

Ferrari will be pleased to have got at least one of their drivers into Q3, with Fernando Alonso finishing 6th in qualifying.