Revised Canada tires for practice only

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The new-specification Pirelli tires due to appear at the Canadian Grand Prix will only be used in practice and not during the race.

Pirelli announced it would change the construction of its tires after the spate of delaminations seen at the Bahrain the Spanish Grands Prix.

F1’s official tire supplier originally said its new product would make its first appearance at the British Grand Prix. But as pressure increased on the tire supplier following a Spanish Grand Prix which saw most drivers make four pit stops, it brought the introduction forward to Canada.

Now Pirelli has confirmed the new construction of tires will be tested during practice in Montreal but won’t appear during the race. Drivers will be given two sets of the revised tires which feature Kevlar belts, as used in last year’s tires, rather than the steel belts used this year.

A Pirelli spokesperson told Autosport: “As the regulations allow for this and for reasons of sporting equity, we think that this is the best way forward.”

As well as guarding against the possibility of further delaminations, the change in construction is also expected to reduce the operating temperature of the tires. This may reduce their thermal degradation, allowing them to last longer, and decreasing the possibility of drivers needing to make more than three pit stops during a race.