Ferrari confident their tire test was legal

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Scuderia Ferrari have been quick to clear their name after the FIA asked them to answer a disciplinary inquiry regarding a test at the Circuit de Catalunya following the Bahrain Grand Prix.

After the team lodged a formal protest against Mercedes’ test last Sunday, Ferrari have now been drawn into the debacle after their test was confirmed to have taken place in April. Unlike Mercedes though, Ferrari used an old car – the 2011 F150 Italia – and their reserve drivers. Subsequently, they believe that they have no case to answer for.

“For a bit more of a year there has been a possibility of performing these so-called 1000 kms tests that Pirelli does for its own tire development,” a spokesperson from the team told Speed.

“For Ferrari it has always been very clear that these tests could not make use of a 2013 car. In terms of running an old car, the matter is quite irrelevant, because it is totally within the rules.

“This is something that we have never denied; this was very transparent. All the teams have this possibility. The tires, the specification of the test, is something that Pirelli knows; not us.”

There is certainly a great deal of difference between Ferrari and Mercedes’ tests, making the FIA’s job more difficult. Should they choose to take a strict stance, both teams could face penalties, but it would be the Silver Arrows who are worse off having used their 2013 car.