Ferrari face disciplinary inquiry after tire test

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Ferrari may have been one of the first teams to raise concern over Mercedes’ secret test following the Spanish Grand Prix, but the Italian marque has now been drawn into the controversy after it transpired that they too completed laps at the Circuit de Catalunya after the Bahrain Grand Prix.

This test was completed with the Ferrari F150 Italia, their 2011 car, which the team believes makes the test legitimate and fair as they did not use the 2013 car nor their premier drivers, unlike Mercedes.

Regardless, the FIA has asked Ferrari to explain its actions in a statement released yesterday.

“The FIA has asked Team Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 and Scuderia Ferrari Team which have taken part in tire tests in the 2013 season to reply to a disciplinary inquiry in pursuance of the FIA Judicial and Disciplinary Rules.

“This follows the Stewards’ Report from the Monaco Grand Prix and represents supplementary information required by the FIA in the light of the replies received from Pirelli, who were asked for clarifications on Tuesday May 28th.”

Along with Red Bull, Ferrari had made a formal protest over Mercedes’ test with Pirelli, yet it appears that the tables could quickly turn should the FIA find them to be just as guilty. Pirelli did protest their innocence over the matter in a press conference yesterday, but the FIA will have the final say over the matter in the coming weeks.