Hamilton: Mercedes will win again in 2013

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Lewis Hamilton is confident that Mercedes’ victory in Monaco will not be their sole success in the 2013 season.

Nico Rosberg took the checkered flag first last weekend, and although Hamilton concedes that there is still work to do, he does not believe that he has missed his only chance to win.

“Of course you could think that Monaco was our best shot and my side of the garage missed it, but I just feel that this team is just going to continue to improve throughout the year,” Hamilton told Sky Sports.

The conditions in Monaco suited Mercedes, with the low tire wear allowing Rosberg to manage the race from the front, whereas the three races beforehand had seen the team squander pole position due to problems with their rear tires. However, next weekend’s race in Canada is one of the toughest for tire wear, which could cause problems for Mercedes, and Hamilton has admitted that they still do not understand the tires perfectly.

“Once we understand these tires more, which we will eventually get to, then I think another win is definitely on the cards.”

Despite the black cloud hanging over Mercedes, who have to answer the FIA’s disciplinary inquiry over their secret tire test, Hamilton is keeping his focus on the race track.

“I think it is important that we just stay focussed and don’t get distracted by the stuff around us. It is so easy to do that, particularly for the drivers and the team when we are at the track. It is important to just keep on minds clear and focus on the job at hand.”