Indy 500 fines for Rahal team rescinded


An odd situation dating back to last weekend’s Indianapolis 500 appears to have been resolved.

In the middle of the ‘500,’ INDYCAR announced $10,000 fines for both Rahal Letterman Lanigan teams (the No. 15 of Graham Rahal and No. 16 of James Jakes) due to blend line violations. Team owner Bobby Rahal indicated that they would plan on appealing the fines, but today, the sanctioning body announced that Rahal’s fine has been withdrawn and Jakes’ fine has been suspended.

According to the release issued from the series, officials determined after a post-race review of video and timing/scoring data that Rahal did not break Rule, which focuses on blend out procedures while leaving pit road.

Those same officials also determined that Jakes did not comply with that rule, but still opted to suspend his fine provided he does not have a similar violation in the future; if that occurs, the fine and additional penalties will be re-instated.

“They went out of the pits and committed a felony, but they put themselves back in position where they should have been before the green,” INDYCAR president of competition Derrick Walker said Saturday to the Associated Press before the first Chevrolet Indy Dual in Detroit race. “They had varying degrees of guilt, and Graham was probably the lesser of two evils on the penalty.”

As for Bobby Rahal, he believed that INDYCAR made the original call in “the heat of the moment.”

“And then when you hear from other people and their perspectives, it’s ‘Oh, well maybe,'” he said to the AP.

Graham Rahal finished ninth in Saturday’s Race 1, with Jakes right behind him in 10th.