Toto Wolff uncomfortable with McLaren deal in 2014

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Toto Wolff feels uncomfortable with Mercedes’ current deal to supply McLaren engines in 2014, feeling wary of any information transfer occurring before the team switches to Honda engines one season later.

McLaren confirmed the deal with Honda last month, but it confused many with it coming one year after the new engine regulations come into force, and it has left Mercedes treading carefully until the end of their deal with the British team.

“Supplying McLaren for one more year is indeed not a pleasant situation,” Wolff told Kleine Zeitung.

“But I’m confident that McLaren will abide by the rules of the contract and not share any data.”

McLaren were in a similar situation last season, with the team members having to ensure that any information about their 2013 car was not given to the outgoing Lewis Hamilton, who signed for Mercedes with six races left on his contract.

As Wolff stated, the contract does forbid any information being transferred between engine suppliers; nevertheless, Mercedes will be hoping that the returning Honda do not gain too much from their foundations at McLaren. Despite losing McLaren as a customer, the German engine manufacturer will be supplying Williams with engines from 2014, which means that there will be four Mercedes-powered teams on the grid next season.