Perez: I didn’t do anything stupid in Monaco


Sergio Perez didn’t do himself any favors at Monaco with his aggressive driving, but the McLaren driver insists he didn’t do anything wrong.

Speaking to Autosport on Thursday in Montreal, Perez defended himself against moves versus his teammate Jenson Button, Lotus’ Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

“Every maneuver that you try to do in Monaco to try to overtake people is on the limit,” Perez said. “I did a couple of moves on the limit which at the end of the day went badly. The result was not the one I was expecting. But, I think the maneuvers I did, they were right. I did nothing stupid.”

Raikkonen said Perez “should be punched” after Perez contacted Raikkonen late in the race, causing the Finn to pit for an unscheduled stop. Meanwhile Perez pulled off the road even later with the damage, as Button forced his way through.

He said in a team statement ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix weekend he feels optimistic that McLaren can benefit from a traditionally wacky race, if rain is to intervene.