Minimum F1 pit stop time mooted, while pit lane media ban relaxed


The potential of creating a minimum pit stop time for Formula One teams has been mooted and planned for discussion at a team manager’s meeting Thursday in Hungary.

Autosport reported this is one of several ideas coming out into the open after the German Grand Prix, when an errant tire from Mark Webber’s car came loose and hit an FIA cameraman in pit lane.

A minimum pit stop time could eliminate teams rushing pit stops, and thus cutting down on possible errors. But it would greatly reduce the competitive nature of the pit lane where teams have gone all out to make stops as fast as possible – they’re now in the low 2-second range at best with anything over 3 seconds considered “slow.”

Meanwhile, the FIA has also throttled back, slightly, on the ban on non-essential personnel in the pit lane during sessions. An FIA release posted Thursday will allow accredited 25 media members (both journalists and photographers) access to tabards, which will be issued 30 minutes before and returned no later than 30 minutes after a session. If tabards aren’t returned, their pit lane access is eliminated for the rest of the year.