Vettel plays down Raikkonen outburst


Sebastian Vettel denied he was unhappy with Kimi Raikkonen’s driving during the Hungarian Grand Prix despite complaining about him on the radio.

Vettel told his race engineer Raikkonen “didn’t give me enough room” when he attempted to pass on the outside of turn four late in the race.

But afterwards Vettel played down the complaint: “I told him but he was laughing only. It was fine. Obviously in the heat of the moment it was quite tight getting into there, I tried to prepare the next corner but nearly lost the car. That’s racing.”

“First of all, Kimi is not an idiot, Vettel added, “and secondly, it’s a narrow part of the track so it was clear but I was pushing very hard, trying to create a chance, put him under pressure and as I said, it was clear I didn’t pass him there, but maybe two corners later or something.”

“I was not too happy but as I said, it was quite hot this afternoon, I was pushing very hard and it was quite narrow and I was a little bit on the dirt, turning in. You feel that you have to say something so that’s what I said.”

Raikkonen has been tipped to join Vettel at Red Bull next year and Vettel said the pair get on well: “I think he’s one of the drivers I get along most with. He’s been very honest all the time which I appreciate a lot.”