Pirelli baffled by contract situation


Pirelli have pushed back a deadline for supplying information on next year’s tires to F1 teams as they are still awaiting a contract for the 2014 season.

“It’s the most bizarre situation we’re in really,” motorsport director Paul Hembery told ESPN.

“We’ve got our agreements in place with the vast majority of people involved; there’s not a clearly defined process but we’re going forward, getting the teams signed up, we’ve got the promoter signed up, we’re working on 2014.”

Pirelli returned to F1 as the sport’s official tire supplier in 2011 on a three-year contract. Although that is due to expire at the end of this season the FIA has yet to confirm its plans.

Rumours have linked Michelin to a return to F1 next year. Under FIA rules a tender would have to be put out for interested companies to offer their services.

Because of the delay Pirelli will no longer provide details on the new tires to the teams at the beginning of next month. “From the data we’ve given the teams we’re going to go for October 1st so we’ve got a few more weeks,” said Hembery. “That was done a few weeks ago back in Germany when we had a meeting.”

Pirelli have come in for criticism this year after a spate of tire failures during the British Grand Prix.