No concerns over circuit for Russian GP

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The track designer for the Russian Grand Prix, Hermann Tilke, is certain that the circuit will be ready in time amid concerns about the future of the race.

It was revealed last week that the backers of the race in Sochi had missed the application deadline for the race, throwing the inaugural event, planned for next fall, into doubt. However, Tilke has no concerns about meeting his own responsibility and ensuring the circuit is ready.

“I’m 100 percent sure that the track will be ready,” Tilke explained to Russian publication Championat. “Everything in my area of responsibility will be fulfilled. The track will be constructed on time. Everything will be okay.”

Tilke was unable to speak on behalf of the race promoters and confirm that the race would go ahead, citing that this was outside of his area of control as his team focuses on building the circuit.

“I do not know much about this. We are engaged in the construction of the track. I am not familiar with the situation in detail.”

Despite missing the application deadline, the promoters of the race did confirm that there was a loophole that could see the race still go ahead for 2014. It would mark the first grand prix in Russia – one of the fastest-growing markets in the world – with the circuit in Sochi set to be built as part of the complex for the Winter Olympics.