New “Rush” teaser clip “introduces” James Hunt


Combining an aggressive driving style in the cockpit with an irreverent attitude out of it, late Formula One World Champion James Hunt still stands as one of the most memorable figures in F1 history.

Since we wish to keep this a relatively family-friendly site, we’ll leave it to you to search on your own for some of his more memorable off-track exploits. But what we can share with you is a new, Hunt-focused teaser trailer from the upcoming film “Rush.”

This clip debuted on the movie’s Facebook page late last week, and while Hunt (portrayed by Chris Hemsworth) and his famous rivalry with Niki Lauda (portrayed by Daniel Bruhl) will be at the core of the film, it appears the former’s off-track antics will see considerable treatment as well.

For the most recent full trailer of “Rush” that was released last month, click here.