Sutil and Hamilton yet to speak over court case


Adrian Sutil has revealed that he is yet to speak to Lewis Hamilton over the German driver’s trial back in 2011, where the Briton refused to testify. The case eventually saw Sutil charged with grievous bodily harm after an incident with former Lotus shareholder Eric Lux, and Sutil criticized Hamilton for not standing. Before the incident, the two were close friends, yet Sutil revealed that everything has changed in the aftermath.

“For some reason he never contacted me again. He always said he is my friend but he wishes to suddenly disappear – he changed his number,” Sutil told GP Week.

“I saw him here in the paddock and he always said ‘yeah, we can sit down and talk about it’, but he never arrived. So these kinds of people I don’t really respect.”

Sutil went on to explain how he will not waste his time with Hamilton in the future.

“I respect him as a sportsman, but I think in private he’s not on my level and I don’t need to waste time with those people. I’m happy that I realised what kind of a person he is. I have good friends, people I can learn from, and this is the most important. I’m happy that I found out earlier rather than later.”

Sutil was dropped by Force India in 2012 following the incident before returning this year after the departure of Nico Hulkenberg to Sauber. However, the German driver has returned to the sport with a renewed vigor and pace, aiding Force India in the team’s best ever start to a Formula One season.