Wind tunnel correlation issues still present at Ferrari


The chief designer of Ferrari’s F138 car for this season has explained in an interview how issues with the team’s wind tunnel have once again hindered development for the Italian team in 2013.

Last season, an issue with the wind tunnel prompted the team to use Toyota’s facility in Germany while upgrades are applied to the team’s own system. However, this has caused a disparity between the results shown in the wind tunnel and those evident on track.

“The reason for us struggling at the last few races is us not bringing to the car parts that are working,” Simone Resta explained to ESPN F1 in an interview. “If anything we have brought parts that are not working better than the others were.”

On more than one occasion this season, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa have run with upgrades in practice that have not been present for qualifying and the race due to the detrimental effect they have had on the pace of the car.

“We were struggling and we are still struggling. We are working in an external wind tunnel as we improve our one, which will take the rest of the summer. So it’s been a problem, but we are working on sorting it out,” Resta explained.

Ferrari have entered something of a barren spell that many did not expect following the signing of Fernando Alonso in 2010. The two-time world champion has come close to the title in two of his three previous seasons with the team, but Ferrari’s current form suggests that his fourth year in Maranello may again be a title-less one.