Sutil expects “big challenge” from fuel-saving formula


Adrian Sutil says next year’s fuel regulations will be a “big challenge” for drivers to get used to.

Drivers will have a maximum fuel allowance of 100kg from next year as F1 switched from V8 engines to V6 turbos.

“For sure it will be different driving as we have only 100 kilos of fuel on board,” Sutil told Motorsport Monday. “So there will be a lot of fuel-saving considering that now we have 150 kilos of fuel in the car.”

“There will be 33% less fuel suddenly – this is mega! There will be a lot of fuel-saving early in the race for sure. The engines are smaller so the consumption is generally lower but it will still be a big challenge.”

Sutil sees the change as an opportunity for teams like Force India: “I expect [to see] some cars at the beginning rolling out with one lap to go without fuel on board, so it opens up some opportunities. It could well be a chance for smaller teams to finish in top positions.”

He believes how good drivers are at fuel-saving will be an important factor: “At least I can influence something, especially if [I do] very well at fuel-saving. It can be an advantage.”

“Some teams won’t get everything together and there’ll be reliability problems,” he added.