Singapore GP circuit undergoes minor layout change


The circuit for the Singapore Grand Prix has been changed slightly for this year’s race following criticism of one particular corner during the five races held there since 2008.

The race is the only event on the calendar that is a night race, usually beginning at 10pm local time and being an incredible spectacle under the lights of Singapore. The circuit itself, much like Monaco, does not allow for a great deal of overtaking, with the location and atmosphere instead being the main draw of the race. That said, there have been some notable events in Singapore during its first five races, with the race-fixing scandal at the inaugural event being the most notorious.

In an attempt to improve the circuit though, a change has been made to the layout. The ‘Singapore Sling’ three-turn-chicane has been changed this year following widespread criticism of the corner for being unnecessary.

“The Singapore Sling corner (turn 10) has been reconfigured this year so the cars will now negotiate a flowing left-hander before accelerating towards the Anderson Bridge,” reports F1 Racing magazine.

The corner, named after the famous cocktail, failed to allow any overtaking and was dubbed “the worst corner in Formula One” by Lewis Hamilton.