Toro Rosso “have taken a step but it’s not enough” – Key


Force India technical director James Key believes his team have made progress and haven’t just capitalized on the problems experienced by their rivals.

“Williams have had a tricky start to this season,” Key conceded in an interview for Motorsport Monday. “We expected them to be more competitive than they are – as I’m sure they did.”

But, he added: “I think we have improved because if you look at the lap times at the front of the field it’s much closer than it was last year and we are getting our cars into Q3.”

“We have taken a step but it’s not enough. We still need that extra bit of lap time to put us up there with Force India and McLaren.”

Key says Toro Rosso will not halt development work on their current car too hastily in order to prepare for next year’s radical change in rules:

“I still feel we have to make some noticeable steps. There is definitely more in the car and we kind of know where that is and it’s just getting it there. We have a plan that takes our development quite late into the season.

“It’s obviously a massive balancing act with the regulation changes for next year. Nothing really carries over for next year, which is a real shame because really you need a couple of years in a team to get momentum.”