Hamilton concedes championship looks “difficult” now


Lewis Hamilton admitted it will be “difficult” to win the championship this year following Sebastian Vettel’s latest win at Spa.

“There’s nothing you can do,” he told the BBC. “It’s difficult when people pull away from you and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Hamilton’s win in Hungary at the end of last month gave his championship hopes a shot in the arm. But although he took pole position in Belgium he was swiftly demoted passed by Vettel at the start and later lost second place to Fernando Alonso.

“I feel happy we’ve extended our lead [in the constructors’ championship] ahead of Ferrari, and also I’m up to third [in the drivers’], so I have come and done what I planned to do,” said Hamilton.

“But it is difficult when he is pulling away at the rate sometimes he pulls away.”

Hamilton now trails Vettel by 58 points in the drivers’ championship with 200 points available in the remaining eight races. He took his fifth pole position of the year in Spa – and his fourth in a row – but has won just once so far this year.

Spa was Vettel’s fifth win of the year, and he also retired from the lead of the British Grand Prix in July.