New F1 documentary “1” revealed in trailer (VIDEO)


Rush won’t be our only taste of F1 action from the seventies this fall as another new F1 film is heading our way.

The enigmatically-titled “1” is a documentary which looks at the high-risk era of the sixties and seventies, when many drivers lost their lives and suffered serious injuries, and how changes to the sport made F1 safer.

The documentary makers had access to a wealth of Formula One personalities including a dozen world champions and other figures who shaped the sport. They include FOM boss Bernie Ecclestone and ex-FIA president (and formerly Ecclestone’s right-hand man) Max Mosley.

“1” uses a combination of archive footage and newly-filmed interviews to explain the changes to the sport and how it became the multi-billion dollar global phenomenon it is today.

The documentary, narrated by Michael Fassbender, has a lot to live up to following the success of 2011’s Senna, which told the story of the racing career of the Brazilian thrice-champion.

It will be available to download and view from October 1st, just a few weeks after Rush opens in cinemas.

What do you make of the trailer – and do you plan to watch it? Give us your thoughts in the comments.