Run my own F1 team? No chance, says Button


Jenson Button says he has no interest of running his own Formula One team once his days as a driver are over.

Button, 33, is the most experienced driver racing in F1 today having made 239 starts so far. But he told The Guardian he’s not interested in life on the pit wall:

“My hero, Alain Prost, started a team in the late nineties and it didn’t work out for him,” said Button. “I remember speaking to him about what it was like and he said it was the most stressful time of his life – even more so than racing with Ayrton Senna.”

“He said it was non-stop. He said he couldn’t sleep. He didn’t sleep through that period of time. He said it was very tough. It’s a challenge, definitely, but it’s not the challenge I’m looking for in life.”

Prost took over the Ligier team at the end of 1996. Five years later the team folded.

Other ex-F1 drivers have enjoyed better success running F1 teams. Jackie Stewart entered F1 at the same time as Prost and Rubens Barrichello scored a second place finish for Stewart at Monaco in their debut season.

Two years later Johnny Herbert won the European Grand Prix for them. After that they were sold to Ford and eventually became the power house Red Bull team.