A one-on-one interview with Niki Lauda and Will Buxton (VIDEO)


Niki Lauda, three-time Formula One World Champion, had a one-on-one sitdown interview with NBC Sports Network Formula One insider and pit reporter Will Buxton to discuss Lauda’s legendary and iconic return after burns suffered in the 1976 German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring.

Lauda’s incredible comeback and battle with James Hunt is the subject of Ron Howard’s “Rush,” which opens in U.S. theaters nationwide on September 27.

The 1976 season split Lauda’s first two title years of 1975 and 1977, with a third achieved in 1984 in a bout with Alain Prost. In a Top 10 countdown compiled by the NBC Sports team of top drivers in F1 history, which had its first post this morning, Lauda was ranked ninth.