Newman on Bowyer spin: “It was not entirely an accident”

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Ryan Newman spent half of the time during Monday afternoon’s conference call to discuss his new NASCAR Sprint Cup Series ride for 2014, with Richard Childress Racing.

He spent the rest of it calling out Clint Bowyer’s spin and asking for better rules consistency and officiating in NASCAR.

“Right now it’s tough to comment as it’s being reviewed,” Newman said before pausing, then sighing. “But I do know that based on my opinion, and understanding the communication, it was not entirely an accident. Maybe someone could look up the number of times Clint Bowyer has spun by himself and get me an answer.”

Told the number was two, Newman remarked, “He blew up on both of them.”

Asked whether the RCR announcement being official takes the sting out of Saturday night, Newman responded, “To me, what happened Saturday night is the toughest thing I’ve ever gone through in 30 years of driving, in hindsight, and how it all went down. It hurt that much more.

“For a week, I knew this announcement was coming but in the end, I don’t think it’s anything to compare or contrast. It doesn’t compensate,” he added.

Newman has not had an official relationship with Michael Waltrip Racing or its drivers, but any further relationships with them going forward is obviously going to be strained.

“I’d say the potential is not good for being cordial to each other,” he said. “But the announcement was made that NASCAR is reviewing it. They need to do their due diligence. That could go several different ways. But it’s obvious to fan or non-fans of our sport; it goes without saying what happened.”

As the topic is broached every Richmond driver’s meeting, Newman said drivers knew this could happen, but in his words, “We thought there was potential for fire but no one grabbed the extinguisher.”

The spin was the biggest controversy but Newman didn’t let the last restart slip from debate, either. The debate over whether Carl Edwards jumped on the final restart was also in the crosshairs.

“There was more than one issue at hand with respect to the race on Saturday night with rules and how NASCAR enforces things in the future,” Newman said.