Vettel shrugs off Monza jeers


Sebastian Vettel’s sixth win of 2013 was not well received by many in the crowd at Monza who booed the world champion as he was handed the winners’ trophy for the 32nd time in his career.

It’s not uncommon for those who vanquish Ferrari to get a rough reception at Monza: Lewis Hamilton did when he won last year. But Vettel was also the target of booing at other races this year in Canada, Britain and Belgium.

“I said on the radio on the in lap that the more booing we get, the better we have done today,” Vettel said afterwards.

“It’s normal. I don’t blame the people to be honest, I think their love of Ferrari is in their genes. It’s something very special. Obviously Fernando is in a great position on the podium, whereas if you’re dressed in any other colour it’s not the same, but still, it’s a fantastic race, a fantastic podium here.”

Vettel hasn’t always been the focus of the crowd’s anger – his maiden win five years ago for Toro Rosso was more warmly received. “Fortunately I had an experience in 2008 which blew me away completely when we won here in an Italian team with a Ferrari engine,” Vettel remembered. “The atmosphere was fantastic.”