Lauda positive that James Hunt would have enjoyed Rush


Three-time world champion Niki Lauda is confident that James Hunt would have enjoyed Rush, with the new film profiling the titanic battle between the two drivers in the 1970s.

Rush, directed by Ron Howard (Frost/Nixon), has been given positive reviews by the majority of the Formula One world. The fierce rivalry between Lauda and Hunt is the focus of the film, featuring their battle for the 1976 drivers’ championship that ended so dramatically in Japan. Speaking to The Telegraph, Lauda professed his respect for Hunt despite being such great rivals.

“There are good drivers and bad ones and then there are the really talented ones who are difficult to beat and James was one of them,” Lauda explained. “We respected each other very much because in the old days, to drive 300 kilometres an hour side by side towards a corner, if someone makes a mistake, one or both are killed. Hunt was someone you could rely on to be really precise.”

However, Lauda did admit some regret that Hunt was not able to see the film, having died in 1993 of a heart attack.

“The sad thing is that he isn’t here now. I wish he could have seen the movie because I know for sure he would have enjoyed it.”

Rush is released in theatres all over the country on September 27.