Singapore lap to be one second quicker


For 2013, each lap of the 2013 Singapore Grand Prix will be around one second quicker thanks to the removal of the ‘Singapore Sling’ three-way chicane.

As reported last month, the chicane has been replaced by a fast, sweeping left hander that takes drivers onto the complex before the Anderson Bridge following years of criticism. Nicknamed the ‘Singapore Sling’, the chicane was called the “worst corner in Formula One” by Lewis Hamilton, and has been reprofiled many times in the past due to the severity of the kerbs. Therefore, for 2013, the decision has been taken to remove the corner completely.

According to Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, this change has made the lap one second per lap quicker following work in the simulator.

However, Sauber’s Esteban Gutierrez is less enthusiastic about the decision, with the complex being his favorite part of the track.

“My favorite part used to be the SIngapore Sling, a left-right-left combination, but that has been changed to a long medium speed corner for this year,” the Mexican driver said.