Alonso turns his hopes towards 2014


Fernando Alonso is investing his hopes in Ferrari catching up with their rivals when the technical rules are overhauled next year.

“For next year I think we start from zero,” said Alonso after losing more ground in the championship to Sebastian Vettel in yesterday’s Singapore Grand Prix.

“Really we will put all our effort and hopes into 2014, because starting from zero is our best opportunity to close the gap with all the top teams.”

Alonso added the “big change in regulations” is Ferrari’s “best opportunity to close the gap”.

Although he remains mathematically in contention for this year’s championship, Alonso admitted his prospects are looking more and more unrealistic:

“We need to be very lucky but not only in one weekend, we need to be lucky for the last six races if we want to win the championship.

“We have a points deficit which is a big gap and we have a performance deficit which is a big gap so we need to be very lucky.”

He admitted Ferrari need Red Bull to have more unreliability problems to close the gap to them: “We saw today, again: Webber stopped on the last lap. If this happened to Sebastian one weekend, we have to be there, in second place.”

“If we cannot win the race, we need to be right behind and try to take any opportunity but being realistic, we know that we need to be very very lucky.”