Pirelli to test 2014 prototype tires at Brazilian Grand Prix


Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery has confirmed that Formula One’s tire supplier will bring its prototype designs for next season to the Brazilian Grand Prix later this month.

Pirelli have endured a nightmarish season, suffering from a backlash from the teams due to their initial designs, a series of tire failures at the British Grand Prix in June and an embarrassing move back to the 2012 constructions for the Hungarian Grand Prix. However, now that the ship has steadied, Hembery is looking ahead to next season with the contract close to being signed.

“It’s done really,” Hembery said. “There’s one last piece to be done with the FIA. The lawyers are dealing with that – when you get lawyers involved with anything it tends to add time to whatever you’re doing. So, it’s just rumbling along.”

In terms of Pirelli’s plans for 2014, Hembery explained that they are doing everything possible to avoid another year like this one.

“There’s a couple of things that are happening quite quickly,” he said. “We’ve got a 1000kmtest with Mclaren coming up in Vallelunga. We will be bringing to the Brazil race for P1 a couple of sets of tires of the prototype for next season. We’re hopeful to do a couple of tests in December and January with an old-generation car and there’s been some good ideas going forward as to what we could do during the pre-season itself.”

Pirelli will now be looking to finalize the details of the tire contract in order to make firm plans for their fourth season as the sport’s supplier.