Red Bull’s position was “fragile” mid-season – Newey (VIDEO)


Red Bull’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey admitted the team’s progress to a fourth consecutive constructors’ championship and a fourth drivers’ title for Sebastian Vettel wasn’t all plain sailing.

In the middle of the year the team were worried Mercedes had seized the momentum.

Speaking on Red Bull’s television channel Servus TV on Monday Newey said: “It was a very close fight, Ferrari were very strong early in the season, Mercedes came on strong sort of around Monaco time.”

“So come that middle of the season point we were not… we were in the lead of the championship, but it felt fragile, it felt as if Mercedes particularly at that point were on a roll.”

But Red Bull came back from the summer break in dominant fashion and Vettel has won all seven races since then.

“I guess really we’ve kept pushing all the way to Singapore in terms of introducing new parts, even Japan, which you could look back on now and say perhaps we pushed harder than we needed to because in doing that of course it’s taken resource off next year’s car,” said Newey.

“It didn’t feel that way at the time, it felt as if we needed to keep pushing and it’s been tremendous to have this roll that we’ve had at the end of the season.”