Vettel had tire concerns during race


Sebastian Vettel swept all before him to win his eighth race in a row but it wasn’t all plain sailing for the Red Bull driver.

Concern about the rate his tires were wearing led Red Bull to bring him into the pits earlier than several of his rivals for his sole pit stop of the race.

“The last couple of laps on the softs I was struggling because I running into traffic and the tires were falling off,” Vettel explained, “so we were actually the first to come in this time, despite the big gap.”

“But then the hards seem to last very, very well in the end. We had very strong pace.”

Vettel had a lead of almost ten seconds after his first pit stop so he could afford to take it easy in the closing stages.

“I think I went a little bit wide once or twice into turn 12 under braking but other than that, I obviously tried as well to keep it on the line,” he said. “It is a little bit easier if you have a ten second gap to the car behind to not necessarily use all the curbs here and there, to manage the tires a little bit better.”