In 2013, Vettel and Red Bull were head-and-shoulders above the rest (VIDEO)

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Impressive. Monotonous. Exhilarating. Tedious. Historic. Mind-numbing.

There are many things you could call four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel’s domination this season in Formula One, but no matter where you stand on the German’s 2013 rampage, it stands as the most memorable aspect from this particular year.

There were other highlights, of course: Kimi Raikkonen opening the year with a win in Australia, Fernando Alonso taking the checkered flag in his homeland of Spain, the rise of Nico Rosberg at Mercedes, Mark Webber’s final tour of the Grand Prix circuit. And, of course, Tiregate.

However, in the end, it was more championship glory for Vettel and Red Bull, driver and constructor both now in the midst of four consecutive titles. Next year brings about a new technical era for F1, and perhaps it could also bring an end to their winning ways.

But no matter what happens in 2014 and beyond, Vettel has put himself among the best to ever race in the world’s most popular motorsport category. Sam Posey brings together a incredible season of racing in another of his superb essays above.