Button helps hometown get into the holiday spirit (VIDEO)


The holiday season has arrived for all of us. But for the folks in Frome, Somerset, England, it arrived a bit differently – with the unmistakable roar of a Formula One machine.

After having the honor of turning on Frome’s Christmas lights, hometown hero and former F1 World Champion Jenson Button took his McLaren through the winding streets of the English village for a live demonstration that included some smoky burnouts.

“It has been amazing coming home,” Button told the Somerset Standard newspaper. “People can see a Formula 1 car on the television but it is something quite different to have the experience of seeing it in real life and experiencing the smell, the sound and the adrenaline it creates.”

Prior to the demonstration, Button had been playing a “speedy Santa,” if you will – bringing gifts to child patients at a local hospital and also to local customers of his banking sponsor, Santander.

To check out the demonstration, check out the BBC video above.