Sergio Perez backs new double points rule for F1 season finale

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So far, the FIA’s decision to award double points for drivers and constructors at the Formula One season finale starting next season has been thoroughly roasted by fans and dubbed “absurd” by the World Champion.

But there had to be somebody with a sunny outlook on the controversial new rule, and that somebody is Force India’s newest hire, Sergio Perez (pictured, left, with new boss Vijay Mallya).

After yesterday’s announcement that he would team up with Nico Hulkenberg at Force India in 2014, Perez gave his take on the new regulations that include the “double points” initiative – which he regarded as a good thing.

“For some, it will be right and for some it will be wrong, but I see the positive,” Perez said yesterday according to Reuters. “I think it will create a much better final race where things can completely change for everyone.

“I see it positive…I am OK with the rule.”

The Mexican racer, who migrates over to Force India from a single season at McLaren, is clearly in the vast minority as fans around the world have declared “double points” as an artificial and unnecessary addition to the battle for the World Championship.

Many journalists have also been full-throated in their disapproval, with Oliver Brown’s piece on the subject in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper among the more pointed; among other things, Brown writes that “the desire for a perfect conclusion is so insatiable that the [FIA] suits in Paris are content with warping the very spirit of the competition.”

Seems like a proper summary of the whole matter, doesn’t it? That said, you have to admire Perez trying to stick up for the rule in the face of such overwhelming negativity…