Mercedes poaches two Red Bull senior engineers


Looking to go one position further in the 2014 Constructors’ Championship, Mercedes has claimed two senior engineers from the Red Bull team that beat them to the top this past season.

Mark Ellis and Giles Wood, who served as Red Bull’s chief engineer of vehicle dynamics and chief engineer of simulation and analysis respectively, are now on their way to Brackley and will begin work with the ‘Silver Arrows’ in June of 2014.

Ellis and Wood will serve in newly-created positions at Mercedes, with Ellis coming on as performance director and Wood as chief engineer for simulations and development.

“These two newly-created roles will further strengthen the team’s technical organisation, particularly in the fields of simulation and vehicle dynamics,” Mercedes said in a statement.

While Red Bull has dominated Formula One over the last four seasons, their success has also made them a prime target for staff poaching – especially so in recent times as teams come to grips with the new technical regulations for 2014.

Earlier this month, Shaun Whitehead left Red Bull to become Williams’ head of aerodynamic process, and in October, McLaren confirmed that it would have the services of Red Bull’s head of aerodynamics, Peter Prodromou, starting in 2015.