TUSC: FIA homologates Colin Braun’s speed records at Daytona


The FIA’s Land Speed Records Commission has homologated two of Colin Braun’s record speed runs this past October at Daytona International Speedway as official world records.

The world records are for 10 kilometers (203.010 mph) and 10 miles (210.017 mph), both from a standing start. Braun achieved the marks in a Ford Ecoboost-powered Daytona Prototype prepared by Michael Shank Racing.

In a statement, Braun said the recognition from the FIA is a “great reward” for everyone that played a role in it.

“It is pretty cool to have the record run be homologated by the FIA,” Braun said. “It was exciting to be right on the edge, and it was much tougher than I expected it was going to be to go break these records.

“The FIA has incredibly high standards and my hat is off to everyone at Daytona, Ford, Continental Tire, IMSA, and Michael Shank Racing for the all homework they did to prepare for the run with the new EcoBoost motor. It was a pretty exciting day for everyone and it is something I’ll always remember.”

Also happy was team owner Michael Shank, who thanked all involved for “working together with this one goal.”

“It was a big day for everyone involved and I am really thankful to have that kind of support from everyone to pull this off,” he said. “My guys are working every day now to be prepared to bring the Ecoboost [engine] another big day at [Daytona] with a win in the Rolex 24 next month.”

Braun also set a Daytona single-lap record at 222.971 mph in the Ford-powered MSR Prototype, breaking the old mark of 210.364 mph on a qualifying lap by Bill Elliott in 1987. However, it should be noted that, unlike Braun’s record lap, Elliott’s was made during official competition.