Hartstein, ex-F1 medical chief, providing valuable insight on Schumacher


The last 24-plus hours since news of Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident first emerged has seen a variety of reports, analyses and conjecture across the Internet. It’s the nature of the beast that details are always sketchy to begin with, and the search to find expert opinion regarding the situation intensifies.

Fortunately one voice of reason and medical expertise has emerged, in the form of former Formula One Chief Medical Delegate Gary Hartstein. Hartstein, an American doctor, served in the role from 2005 through 2012 after replacing the late Prof. Sid Watkins, although Hartstein’s contract was not renewed in 2013.

Hartstein has taken to his Twitter account, @Former_F1Doc, for medical insights on how the process works in a similar situation. He has also written a blog on the subject this morning, which is linked here. Doctors said in this morning’s press conference it was too early to give anything more than an hour-by-hour prognosis.

A view through that feed and blog help put the medical language of this injury into layman’s, understandable terms. Frankly, they’re must reads at the moment.