Coulthard: I hope Schumacher can see all the nice things said

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David Coulthard, one of Michael Schumacher’s former rivals, has expressed his desire to see Schumacher emerge from his injuries in a skiing accident in a thoughtful, genuine, almost poetic first-person piece written for The Telegraph in the UK.

Coulthard’s first season in Formula One was in 1994, as the replacement for the late Ayrton Senna at Williams. That year marked the first of Schumacher’s seven World Championships. Coulthard raced until 2008; Schumacher until 2006 before his first retirement and subsequent comeback at Mercedes-Benz in 2010.

“I only hope and pray that he pulls through to see what nice things people have been saying about him,” Coulthard wrote. “The truth is I do not believe that Michael has ever truly received the praise or recognition that his stunning achievements merited. And I say that now with the benefit of hindsight.”

While Coulthard admitted to times where Schumacher “overstepped the mark” – he used Jerez 1997 and Monaco qualifying in 2006 as examples – he also said Schumacher was simply in another league. He was Coulthard’s “reference point.”

Coulthard and Schumacher’s one-time animosity was put aside after Coulthard retired; the two spoke regularly with a new friendship, born of a shared relationship with Mercedes-Benz.

Additionally, Coulthard said Schumacher’s legend status was almost enhanced but how challenging it was for him on his return.

It’s a nice piece from the Scotsman and well worth a read.