Corinna Schumacher urges media to leave hospital


Some of the stories since Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident and subsequent hospitalization have dealt with the media itself. One journalist allegedly dressed as a priest in an attempt to gain further access, and both Schumacher’s manager and the University Center Hospital itself have stressed that any outside reports are invalid.

Now, Schumacher’s wife, Corinna, has joined the chorus of those asking for privacy and for the media to leave the hospital.

“Please support our shared fight with Michael. It is important to me that you take the pressure off the doctors and the hospital so they can do their work,” she said in a statement released on Tuesday. “Please have faith in their statements and leave the hospital. Please also leave our family in peace.”

While there is an insatiable appetite for frequent updates – perhaps spurred on by all those who hope that Schumacher’s condition improves from the critical condition it is now, still in a medically induced coma – the process needs to play itself out. In all likelihood, if there were further updates so soon it wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing.

It’s best in this case to let the process play out and continue to rely only on the official updates from the hospital or Schumacher’s management team.