Dig that sound: Caterham, Mercedes release audio of new V-6 engines


We’d all gotten used to the mighty roar of the V-8 engines in Formula One, so it’s probably safe to assume there were some observers worried about what kind of noise the new V-6 motors would produce upon their debut for the 2014 season.

But perhaps we shouldn’t have worried. Renault-powered Caterham and Mercedes have posted audio clips of their 2014 “power units” online and both sound quite robust.

Granted, both clips were taken in different situations, with Caterham’s clip involving their first fire-up of the new Renault (pictured) and Mercedes’ clip involving a car running at speed.

Still, it seems we can all be more encouraged about what the new sound of Formula One will be.

Here’s Caterham fresh audio:

And here’s the clip from Mercedes: