Report: 2014 F1 noses may require further investigating by the FIA

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Distinct differences have been established in the 2014 Formula One chassis by virtue of their nose assemblies. Like snowflakes, no two teams’ noses are exactly alike.

They’ve already spawned a litany of NSFW jokes regarding their shape and appearance to, shall we say, adult subject matter.

But more importantly, their safety could be called into question. As yet there hasn’t been a contact incident between a nose hitting another car; the only major incidents at Jerez, incurred by Lewis Hamilton and Adrian Sutil, were single-car ones.

Anyway, it appears the FIA will take a look at the structural integrity of the noses to confirm their safety based on their dimensions, per an Autosport report.

The noses may meet the regulation dimensions, but might not be tough enough to withstand certain impacts in an accident.

Some in the F1 paddock have said before that a winning car is not necessarily an ugly one, because it gets results. What this inquiry by the FIA is doing is working to ensure that even if the noses are ugly, that they’ll still be safe for competition.