Buxton’s blog: Florida Exploits, Parts 2-4, and a video recap


Last week, we took the first look at NBC Sports Group Formula One pit reporter and insider Will Buxton’s trip to Florida to participate on the other side of the fence: as a driver in the new Ferrari-backed Florida Winter Series.

Part 1 of his blog was the lead-up to the weekend itself, and parts 2, 3, and 4 provided more in-depth details about the weekend itself.

If you prefer video to words, there’s that option now too to chronicle the recap. Ferrari, in conjunction with FWS, put together a 3-minute video of Buxton’s time getting integrated to driving and the series, posted above.

The series isn’t so much about winning races as it is personal growth and development behind the wheel, which Buxton explained during the video. It’s a nice piece, and worth a look.