Schumacher investigation closed; no persons found in violation


After a little more than a month since the skiing accident that has left Michael Schumacher still hospitalized in France, French investigators concluded their investigation into the accident and found no persons in violation.

“The investigation into the causes and consequences of the Decemeber 29 skiing accident of Michael Schumacher … has been closed on February 12,” Albertville prosecutor Patrick Quincy (pictured right) said in a statement.

“No person has been found guilty of any violation.”

Quincy confirmed the details of the accident, as had been originally determined, that Schumacher’s accident occurred off-piste and that his helmet contacted a rock 34 feet away from another rock. The signage, limits and marking did adhere to French standards, Quincy’s statement said.

The ski resort itself, Meribel, has also been cleared per the statement.

The investigation’s closing comes after several unconfirmed media reports in the last couple weeks regarding Schumacher’s health, and also the latest official Schumacher management statement.

The medical team tending to Schumacher, per the management statement, was to begin the waking up process from Schumacher’s induced coma, but further medical details were not revealed out of respect for his privacy.